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Any chance there is an app to download songbooks for offline access, PDF would be good.

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If you install Cute PDF it also installs a virtual printer labled PDF Writer.  Then you can use the regular print option on the song page, select PDF Writer as your printer and it will convert it to PDF and allow you to save a copy on your local drive.  I think you can get Cute PDF in an evaluation version that lets you try it free for awhile (like 30 days).  There may be other options out there that will also do the same.  But at least you could give it a try without having to pay for something that may not do what you are looking for.

By the way Chris, I see you have been a member for awhile and it is nice to see you posting.  Don't be  a stranger!!

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Thanks - I will give that a go for certain.  Yeah I'm just a quiet bloke really, never was much good at putting myself out there.

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I have been unable to find android compatible cute software - so I took a closer at cloud printing and this can be set up to do the same thing. I've just got to get the 'print songbook' option to work.

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OK - thanks to Doug's leader on this, I have managed to link cloud printing, google drive and adobe to produce a editable copy of my songbook stored on my tablet for offline use. Paper and ink a thing of the past!

Many thanks
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