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Okay - here goes -----    I created a song cloud account and ventured out into the unknown - well - actually It isn't unknown because it is known that  I can't sing. But I thought I'd put this song out there.  At least you can tell what it's supposed to sound like - just imagine someone with a good voice singing it smile

It is my song from this a few months ago when it was warm enough to sit on my porch, instead of looking a day of ice and 14" of snow.  - Summer Groovin'

lyrics are posted elsewhere

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There are many types of singing, from the bel canto style of 19th century Europe to the overtone throat-singing of Tibet and Mongolia.  I like 'em all, and I like your singing, too. It doesn't have to be perfect to be effective--your singing is authentic and works well with the song you've written, so good job!

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i think i've mentioned before that you have a kind of dylan-esk voice. but you need to project it a little more. stop worrying about what people think of your singing. i was kicked out of the school choir when i was 14m i think my voice has improved a little since then....?

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It's your music, so sing with the feeling in your heart. Sing like no one is listening. Oh, and by the way I liked the song.

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Good on you!!!!!!!!
I have the same prob with singing,but hey someone
gotta do these songs.
Well Done You,i think u will be surprised by the support u get
on soundcloud,that will encourage your singing & writing.
I looked up well known artists demos on utube,they where less than perfect.
Also writers of well known songs, boy they not great singers either.but they can put it across.
off for a listen,  good luck.

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Nothing wrong with your voice apart from needing to loosen up a little as Phill said earlier. It gets easier the more you do it.

Great to hear you bringing your songs to life. (A song ain't a song until it is sung lol)


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Well done Jim ,liked it  its good  to  hear  how  the writer  perceives  his  song as its  not  always  obvious from the  transcript ,very  Bob just    loosen up a bit  and project  as Phill  says  and  wait  for  the  applause .