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You'all have at least 1 guitar I think, but wich guitar or brand is your best "shot"
in my case
- PRS custom 24
- martin d45v

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A hard one to answer ...

Having a PRS on your wish list is a great call, and the Custom 24 is a gorgeous looking AND sounding guitar.

I must say how pleased I am with my Larrivee acoustic. With their production split between Canada & the USA, they're building very nice sounding all-solid-wood guitars at decent prices. When I got my D-03 a few years ago, I just had to strum it once to know that it was "the one".

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Hello, my friend. Welcome back. To me, and don't ask me why, I have never wanted a Martin, Gibson or one of the other HIGH end guitars. There are just so many fine guitars out there in the affordable price range that I just cannot see spending the amount of money you have to spend simply for a NAME. I don't fault anyone  for spending several thousand dollars on the guitar of their choice but that does not make them a better player / musican. Last year I happened upon a K Yairi DY52 12 string guitar that is the easiest playing guitar I have ever played, has a great sound, stay's in tune and is my go too guitar. This is all from a 1989 guitar that I paid $600.00 for without a case. Anyhow, this is just my opinion.


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Hi, gitaardocphil!

It's an honor to meet you and my answer to your question would be my Takamine Jasmine accoustic-electric.

In 1990, I was forced to move back to the US from Germany (my home) because my work visa had run out and the company I worked for went bankrupt.

I had to start all over at 40 and all alone, so with the little bit of money I had left I put the Tak on lay-a-way and when I finally was able to get her out, she became my friend in that little one-room apartment I was able to afford.

She's no longer "electric" (her innards having come loose) but she's still my favorite of all my guitars.

Thanks for that very interesting question!


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My choice is a Martin D28.

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Hi, I'm new to this, but started performing in 1961 with a Hofner Colorama. Iv'e had a Gibson Melody maker, and it was a'one trick pony' did it well, but was limiting. I have used all sorts of guitars but now use a 1970's Tele with a B bender, a home-built baritone and a banjo. If I take a backup, it's generally a cheapo (£185.00) Vintage Tele that plays like a dream. I also have a Squire Strat built out of bits from a mate's guitar shop that I wouldn't part with and have rebuilt another Squire bought from our local tip shop for £10.00, this going to be given to my son in law if he proves able to learn to play OK. Nela's comment about headstock snobbery is valid, if you can make it give you the sound you want for whatever genre of music you are playing, if you can play a fulll night without cursing it or having aching shoulders or cramp, the who cares if it's a Gretch or a Banzai!

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I have a pretty good collection of guitars...but my go to Electric these days is one that I assembled and set-up from after-market parts. A Warmoth Telecaster body and neck with a TV Jones Classic P/U (just one), a volume and tone, circuit... Just a plain and very basic instrument...but it's capable of much more than I am.

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Mine is my little Martin custom x   Acoustic electric, although I usually use my Alvarez RD-20SC to write most of my songs.

I am saving my money now - I saw in the news from NAMM that epiphone is coming out with a Gary Clark,Jr casino blu hollowbody this spring I am just hoping its not out of the $$$$ possibility for me.

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I bought a Simon and Patrick cedar top guitar about a year ago and I gotta tell ya. The sounds is incredible. Deep and rich and resonates thruout the Mancave.  Bought on a used goods type site online.   200 bucks.   Best money I ever spent.   I have played Martins all my life but thuis S & P is now my go to guitar.

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My answer to that is two fold,, when mellow i grab my Ovation 12 or kamen, feeling pissed,, right to the SG LOLOL, an as for brand,, it dont matter,, If I pick it up, and all the sudden im playing like a champ,, then thats the one.

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I have 2 "go to" guitars - an vintage 70'2 Vantage 12er - built like the proverbial brick outhouse,
and a recently acquired Gibson J-200 "Montana Gold" 120th anniversary edition, from the custom shop. - That Gibson has the slickest action and the greatest voice of all of my guitars, and has increased in value in a short time. Of course, they only made 10 of  the anniversary edition custom.

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I didn't tell I have about 25 guitars, all martin 18 28, gibson LP custom original 1968, fender strat 1964, telecaster california beach (only in europe, not USA), and I didn't play since more than 6months

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Guild D40 Bluegrass Jubilee.  Best guitar I've ever owned and am ever likely to own.

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I have 3 guitars in my collection, so far.  My favorite is the Ovation Elite L718 Acoustic/Electric.  It has a rosewood fretboard and inlays.  I bought it new, way back in 1995 and that's still my go to guitar.  I really like the Ovation Adamas series, but those are too expensive for my budget and since I don't play professionally, I really don't need one that high-end.

I also have a Cortez 12-string acoustic that was given to me as gift.  It's not an expensive model, but it plays and sounds very nice. For more variety, last year I decided to buy a Fender Stratocaster.  I didn't want to spend a fortune on an American Strat, so I opted for the one manufactured in Mexico.  When I tested both the American and Mexican models at my local Guitar Center, the Mexican Strat sounded really good.

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Martin m36 for me.

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my #1 would be my Taylor 510

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