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Hi all
I haven't posted much lately but always keep an eye on the songwriting section some really good songs have been posted.... I do envy you guys that come up with some great lyrics.
I had a change of PC and up graded my mixing software which has been a bit of a learning curve but on the whole has been worth the effort and cost.
This piece is upbeat and hard hitting. … D=13087079
Best listened to through earphones or a decent sound system as it will probably sound rubbish through a laptop smile

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Hi, Arkady!

In addition to playing my 6 string, I am also a gamer (Warcraft), so I clicked on your link and listened through my SS headphones. Awesome, man! And I said so on my FB page. Hope to see/hear more of your work! smile


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Hey Ark

Awesome to hear your very imaginative and  creative songs again. You haven't skipped a beat and I for one sure do envy your talent.

Coming  to grips with the new recording software...priceless and definitely well worth the wait.

Looking forwards to your next piece.  smile


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hi Tony, nice piece and well constructed. hope you don't mind me saying so but i could hear this as the signature tune on one of those detective shows, it kind of builds up the tension. the mix is also great and i love the drums, as you say "hard hitting". is that a live guitar?

by the by, what is the new software?


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Ditto  what  Phil  said   could  be  a theme tune,written piece

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Ark you are sounding good as you always do.

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Bill I've been a bit of gamer for while now my grandson and I played all the "Halo" series over the years and I really liked the music used in them to create atmosphere which I strive to do in my music.
Thanks for the comment

Ken I'm learning all the time. It's just a question of spending time to get to know what each thing does 90% of what I produce is unsable...
Hope you can get to grips with your new software.
Thanks for taking the time.

Phill the software I'm using is Magix music maker 15 I think you have heard of it. I had an older version on the old PC not transferable. It's what I've been used to though the interface change somewhat. They upgraded the midis and soundpools and added some gizmos. It works well with my old keyboard and guitar.
All the sounds produced in the piece are through a midi including the guitars sounds, all in the computer played using the PC's keyboard. (I am considering getting a midi keyboard controller) then tweaked and mixed.
I am inspired by a lot of film music I hear.
Thanks for the comment.

Graham thanks for taking the time to comment.

Dino your comment is always welcomed.

Ark (Tony)

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thanks for the info tony, i know magix as i've got an old version installed but i've never been able to get on with it.

it's worth getting a controler keyboard, i use a korg k61p, which is quite old now i guess, it has built in piano, organ, strings and electric piano, so you can play them with headphones or through an amp or directly into your PC.

i got a studio in the box too, i cant remember what it was as i've never used it. but it was quite cheap too. check out the on-line music shops, they can be cheaper and fast delivery.

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