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Topic: Me Ol' Boots

We're finally starting to see the snow melt!

So I began digging out the fishing gear to plan for the season soon to open, when I got home from work this evening. A lot of my gear is well-worn, and my wife made a comment or two about some of it. It'll soon be bed time, but there was sad parting with my old hiking boots that I had to write a poem about. Isn't it funny how some stupid simple thing like a pair of boots can bring back so many memories. Here's their story:


"Get a whiff of that … those things really reek",
My wife's been groanin' now for weeks,
About me ol' boots … that's rotting in the porch,
I don't want to part with them,
And here she's coming with the torch.

Got 'em from a sales rep, many years ago,
I gave him quite an order, but 'fore he turned to go,
Said, "Pick yourself a pair, anything you like …
You've made my day, my friend …
And I know you like to hike."

"They're the ones!" (he smiled, he'd seen me drool)
He knew I liked the good stuff, a footwear fetish fool,
"I'll send 'em with your order, gratefully with thanks."
And soon I had them in the woods,
On trails and river banks.

That cut was from a sharp rock, that knick was from a tree,
That worn place on the toe's from when I'm on my knee,
With the map and compass, don't wanna get lost …
Me ol' boots never let me down,
I keep tryin' to tell the boss.

She's right, I've always known it, they smell like road-kill in the sun,
And no Odor Eaters made are gonna' stop that hum.
So with a tear of parting, like a good friend moved away,
Me ol' boots went into the trash,
And this ... is one ... sad ... day.

Re: Me Ol' Boots

Goood poem it looks like it would make a good song. I also have a thing about my old boots and have a real struggle letting them go.

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They're like an old  friend who wont let you down ,nice poem  ,I agree with dino   make it  a song .

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Old boots hits home for me. Nice poem, TF. I, just now. pulled on a pair of Luchase black Ostrich skin boots that I've had for 20+ years and they still feel great. I gave over $300.00 for them in the early 90's. Have had them re-soled a couple of times but that was only due to the mileage I put on them. Got my eye on a new pair of brown Ostrich skin boots, now, and just as soon as I can arrange for a bank loan I'ma gonna get them.


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Re: Me Ol' Boots

Heh-Heh! I think every red-blooded male can identify with those words, TF!

About the Odor-Eaters: I knew it was time to throw away my boots when I slipped the Odor Eaters in and they both began to throw up.


I'm with dino. A song, please, Sir. Maybe some banjo? smile

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Re: Me Ol' Boots

Nice one T F...     

how does one drive a cape bretoner crazy????

Hide his pogi check under his boots...

badeye    cool

one caper after another

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Re: Me Ol' Boots

Good one, Badeye ... hadn't heard that one.

Appreciate the kind comments on the poem, everyone. I'm going to play around with some song structure this evening, and see if I can actually put music to it. Pretty well anytime I've ever tried to do this, the outcome was just plain terrible.

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very cool!
thats how aI felt about a pair of slippers i loved LOLOL

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Re: Me Ol' Boots

gotta pair I cant let go myself!!

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