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New user here, and hoping maybe I could get some help.  This is kind of embarrassing, but I have spent way too much time on this already.  I recorded a verse and chorus riff a while back and sent it to my singer for vocal ideas.  It has some odd chords, and now that he's ready to put together some vocals I was trying to refresh my mind and work out the rest of the song. Only I can't seem to figure out the chords lol.  I know, I know.  This is driving me nuts, because I not a great guitar player or anything, so it should be fairly easy.  I am hoping it is ok to post directions to a reverberation page where I uploaded the verse and chorus in hopes that someone out there who was really bored and up for a small challenge may save me from pulling out what little hair I have left.
I almost always write my tunes 1 whole step down in standard tuning, although sometimes it is in standard tuning for bi-weekly guitar lessons.  I believe the first chord is close to:
D)x  G)O  C)6  F)6  A)5  D)O   If this is right, I can't figure out the second chord for anything.  I believe the chorus riff starts with:
D)x  G)O  C)2  F)4  A)4 (with a pull off to O)  D)O   then   D)x  G)2  C)4  F)4  A)O  D)O  then slid to  D)x  G)4  C)6  F)6  A)5  D)O.

If this isn't allowed, or not the place for this, then I apologize ahead of time. Just ignore me and delete this post.
If this is okay, the thanks so much ahead of time for any thought put into helping me out.

The riffs can be found on my Reverbnation page. I am not allowed to post an exact link, but if you type Chord Help in the search category and refine the list to song titles, it pops up under my project name of Bits & Pieces.  Thanks again, ML

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Re: Help With Chords

Welcome to Chordie, Livingston!

There wouldn't be a guitarist alive that hasn't put together a great riff, and then forgotten how it all went a day or more later. There are lots of technology solutions for this, but just a scribbler & pencil handy might help preserve your sanity in the future. The fingering for that opening chord is also a part of the opening riff for "Over the Hills and Far Away" by Led Zeppelin, when played in standard tuning.

Good luck with your re-creation!

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