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Hi brand new here 61 yrs old and just starting to play.I am interested in copyying some songs chords and words. If that is acceptable.  Thanks for your help   Slammer

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Welcome to Chordie!!  If you can find the tunes you desire here indexed on Chordie, you should be able to print a paper copy for your "binder", or you may want to start your own "songbook" to which you can add tunes as you find them for access via the net.  Your option, but I personally just "print to file" and store a virtual copy on the hard drive of my laptop so I can get to it even if there is no internet asccess.  I also have printed copies just in case the batteries go dead or we have a blackout...... paper works around the campfire out in the middle of nowhere, by torchlight if necessary.

Anyway wander around the site and introduce yourself to the members down in the chat corner, read the "stickys" at the top of each of the sections for tips and guidelines to assist in getting the most out of your Chordie experience and above all, Welcome Aboard!!

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Doug, that "print to file" thing you mentioned is something I will have to try. I don't know how to do it, but I've got grandkids who can tell me how. Thanks for the info.  And also welcome Slammer.

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Just a word of caution. When and if you find a song you want to copy and place in your binder you need to understand that the song may have some errors and needs to be corrected. I've found that numerious songs with words and phrases that need to be corrected, Also, if you will listen to the song and play along you will notice that the chord location (over the words) needs to be moved. I will always print myself a copy directly from Chordie, make changes to the words and chords, as needed, then re-write the song with my correction prior to placing in my binder.


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Hey Slammer ... welcome to Chordie!

I also do a lot of what Doug mentions, by "printing to file" so I have a copy on my laptop. Comes in real handy, instead of dragging a bunch of binders around.

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