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Christmas Gift
C                   F
These are the gifts
G                       C
that will see you through
Give a child some love
Give a child a book
G         C               D
Give a child a little ukulele
Give a child a book
a hobby for all life
teach them how to read
G      C                D
Keep them out of strife

these are the gifts
That will see you through
C                   F
Give a child a ukulele
Teach them how to paly
Happiness for all time
C                F   G
they will never stray
sing and read along with them
While they`re learning
You too will enjoy

These are the gifts
that will see you through

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Re: Christmas Gift

Very nice, Easybeat ... getting younger ones interested in music is a passion they can take with them through life. Thanks for this!

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Re: Christmas Gift

i agree with TF, and of course your sentiments. all my grandkids will sit and watch me playing the guitar and i wish i had the patience to teach them to play but being self taught i think it would be better for them to teach themselves as they wont pick up my bad habits.

the song is great, cant wait to hear it.

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Re: Christmas Gift


Nice stuff buddy !!   I agree with Phill - hard to teach own kids guitar or anything smile

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