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I am new bee to this forum

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Welcome to the Chordie Forums!  Tell us a bit about yourself, such as how long you have been playing music, your favorite artists or genre, and such. You will find the community friendly and quite welcoming with members from all over this small planet we call home.

I always advise new members to read the "stickys" in the heading of each section to get information about the section and what kind of content is generally found.  The moderators will offer advise if you should accidently post something in the wrong area early on (it happens a lot) and you can move your post topic to a more appropriate section if it happens to you.  Don't be shy about asking questions or offering your viewpoint or advice, because that is mostly what Chordie is all about.  People helping people get along in their journey through the world of music at a close and personal level.

Here at Chordie we pride ourselves on being a "family friendly" environment where all are given equal respect regardless of age or experience, and are sensitive to controlling language or subject matter that might be offensive.  There are a few topics that I would advise against broaching, but we are mostly adults around here, and shouldn't have to print a list.

Pleased to have you join us!

Making this a smaller, harmonious World.... one note at a time.
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Welcome to the biggest little family on the web.

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Doug_Smith wrote:

Making this a smaller, harmonious World.... one note at a time.
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The most beautiful welcome I've ever seen.

Welcome surya!

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Welcome to Chordie, Surya!

We sincerely hope you'll be a regular participant in the Discussion Forums. I think I can speak for all Chordie members, that we've become better musicians because of this wonderful information exchange.

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Happy to have you here Surya

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welcome surya, please take heed of the welcome from doug, which after reading it i'd like to see on the sign-up page when new members join this happy band of wandering minstrels.


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