Topic: What a wonderful group !

I want to thank Per and all of the Chordie Mods for working so hard to resolve all of the bugs in the transition to the new website.

I don't know how they did it, but they restored all of the data that was missing on my songwriting posts.

I have indeed learned a valuable  lesson in this - make back ups -  even in printed form.

I must say - this is my favorite stopping place on the net-  it always has such interesting stuff from new songs, instruments, Friday Blues fix, progressive rock fix , a fantastic library of songs for a playbook, great information  regarding a thousand topics, chordiestock, NGD's,  and the list goes on and on........

however - for me - the best part is the personal touches - what great people reside on chordie!
Thanks to all.


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Re: What a wonderful group !

A hearty "Hear! Hear!" to what TIG said. The whole atmosphere on Chordie is helpful, respectful, and caring ... it is indeed my favorite web stop each day.

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Re: What a wonderful group !

I have to go along with the above comments,  I try to visit chordie at least once a day. Thanks to all concerned.

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Re: What a wonderful group !

Yeah, Chordie is special, ain't it. 1st place I go with my coffee each morning. But I know what makes it special. It's the members. As a MOD we do have a few people who "STIR" the pot from time to time but ALL IN ALL this is site a pleasure to Moderate. If you take notice it seems as though there is a small group of "OLD TIME" members who are always posting on this site. When we have a new member join those OLD TIME members are the 1st to throw out the welcome mat. I belong to several other forums but this is the only one that gives out that "FAMILY" feeling to everyone.


Re: What a wonderful group !

It's my PLEASURE to help out with this site.  I consider my time volunteering to moderate the forums as quite a privilege, honor, really enjoyable, and really not work at all.  smile

I agree with NELA... it's about YOU - all of you, every single last one of you!  The members make these forums fantastic!  I mean, Chordie in general is pretty great, but the members in the forums make me really want to "be here".  So...


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