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Topic: Forever Hold My Peace

An interesting take on a wedding and a guy's love for a woman.............tell me what you think!!!

Intro:  E, A/F#,  A, B7

Verse 1:
E                                            A/F#                  A                     
When I look at you in your wedding gown I see what it is
I wish I could be,
              E                       A/F#       A
When I hear your name called I freeze.

E                          A/F#                         A                 B7
I wish today that you could see how it is I care and how I’ve

         E                       A/F#                A
That one day up this aisle you’d be mine.

                     A                                                       E
But as you hold that guy’s hand and now at the altar you stand,
          A/F#                                                 A
Before God and man to give your name away.

              E                                                 A/F#
Baby I have to speak up now forever I could not hold my peace,
                   E                                                        A               
I’m gonna’ lay it all down on the line so that everyone can see,
   E                         A/F#                         A             B7
I can’t sit still and watch you girl just give your heart away,
            E                              A/F#                A        B7
So I’m not gonna’ forever hold my peace when I have so much
left to say.

Verse 2:
Sitting here now in this church pew alone seeing you standing there in front of us all,
I wish I was the one giving you that ring today.
And if I don’t stand up for it all now before it’s too late,
That golden ring is gonna’ take my last chance away.


           A                                                               E
And though it is I know what my heart wants to do, I look at him

and then I look at you,

               A/F#                                                 B7
Then the preacher asks if anyone has anything to say.

Closing Chorus:

But baby I’m not gonna’ speak up now, forever I’ll have to hold my peace,
I’m not gonna’ lay it all down on the line because finally I see
That I want you to be happy no matter what that takes
So I’m gonna’ sit tight and hold my breath as I forever hold my peace today.


D------ 2---------------------

"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
-Charlie Daniels

Re: Forever Hold My Peace

Ah Rooster!,
Im a sucker for this kind of stuff! A touch of " MRS ROBINSON " about it!
Theres a whole other story here  in this one!  Lovely! So Good and vivid,
I could smell the Blooms!

Old Doll

Why Blend in with the Crowd ? When you were made to stand out !

Re: Forever Hold My Peace

You have  always been kind to me in your comments Old Doll and i appreciate that!  God Bless

"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
-Charlie Daniels

Re: Forever Hold My Peace

i hope the song is'nt about you and you've lost the girl of your dreams that would be sad ...

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

Re: Forever Hold My Peace

No it's not about me....i was just thinking about a situation like that and a song ended up coming out of it......

"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
-Charlie Daniels