Topic: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

In favor of streaming, I mean?

Well, I have not. Every now and then I'll buy a cd/dvd on Amazon and I'll get a free upload, but I never set out to buy an album in streaming format, nor do I buy just a single that way.


Heck, I don't know! :-) Especially since I went from vinyl, to 8-Track, to Cassette, to CD and now they want me to go back to vinyl. I mean, isn't it  ironic that ol' "Opie" willingly and gladly jumped from format to format with both feet, but now all of a sudden he's "balking" at going to streaming, and he'll have to be dragged by both feet back to vinyl????

What say you, my brethren and sistren? Are you too "On the horns of a dilemma"? Do you feel like you're beating your head against a dead horse?

Are you really buying into this "I'm a purist and I love to hear those pops, scratches and skips! I also like paying a thousand bucks for a  cartridge and needle! Why, my cartridge is sooo sensitive a tiny speck of dust on its counter weight will gouge a deep extra groove into my High Def BINAURAL copy of "Dark Side Of The Moon"! I would rather not tell you the price of my electronics, but I did put a third mortgage on the house and the wife and kids are now living with her folks.

See that sign on my living room door? It says, "Please remove your shoes before entering and make sure you are wearing properly grounded cashmere socks. A shower is required, followed by an infrared light "bath" and the donning of your germ free coveralls with hood. Also I'm offering $100.00 to anyone willing not to come anywhere within a 5 mile radius of our house and ..... "The Precious"

Don't worry. That was just a bit of satire. I really haven't lost what's left of my mind. But I am willing to bet that some of you know someone like this.

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Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

I don't buy CDs anymore, but I have about 500 that I recorded a decade ago, so if you want 1 or 10 send me your address and I'll shoot one to ya. smile

Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

purists!!!!! not me...i was so glad when cassettes came out so i could get away from crackles, rumbles, clicks and scratches. of course the tape would then stretch and make the music sound weird. ah, the relief i felt when CD's arrived; clean sound with crystal clarity...ahhhh heaven. i've still got a couple of dozen LP's in the attic gathering dust along with my panasonic turn table. i guess when i die they'll all be thrown in the skip anyway.
downloads? nah, half the fun of buying a record is reading the sleeve notes even if i have to wear two pairs of glasses to read them!

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Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

I wouldn't say I've given them up, but I haven't bought one in a long time because I do stream so much.   I'm actually back to buying records again, because I'm nostalgic and records are cool.  The notion that they have some sort of acoustic superiority is patently ridiculous, though.  There is nothing that provides the fidelity that modern digital does.

I just like album cover art.  big_smile

Someday we'll win this thing...


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Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

I dont so much buy the CD anymore as I do buy it from amazon or use YOUTUBE to MP3 and then I burn my own CD's for the car.Sometimes I just want the control of it, other times battery is low in phone and FM is all crap or commercials.  If I really like a band, Yes I will buy for the cover and insleve. The last physical CD I bought was Ace Frehley's Anomaly and Godsmacks last disk.

I still have my LP's and still listen to them.  Actually wanting to piece a component system back together.  I love column speakers and 100 watts!

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Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

Oh Yeah! Stream it and Burn-it.  There are so few artists putting out a whole album of worthy tracks anymore.... it's not worth the $$ to buy 12 tracks of Cr** for the one tune of value.

like Bill, I went the vinyl to reel-to-reel then 8 Track, Cassette, and then the CD media route.  There was a time when vinyl only got played once to record to mylar and was then "archived" for the next time it needed re-recording.... I have to keep reminding myself of that every time I move and am ever-so-cautiously man-handling those frightfully heavy boxes marked "Albums".  On the other hand I have a good friend with something like 1000+ CDs in his library that I can "cherry-pick" if I get a hankering for a mix for a road trip or something.  smile

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Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

Hmmm... I may be too young, or just was raised too stingy.

Well, as a kid (and even a teen) I played the heck out of those vinyls.  I mean, there were a few records that we had that had skips in certain locations that I was so used to them when I heard the song played in some other way I would get thrown off the beat a little because the skip was missing!  True story.  The Grease Album was one of my favorites to listen to, and sing along with when I was younger (though, don't be fooled, I'll still sing along and dance around the house like a fool to the Grease Album when I stream it though  Pandora).  To this day, I still know where the skips "belong" in some of those songs when I listen to the tracks and smile to myself because of the memory.

Grandma had an 8 track player, and everything she owned was Elvis.  Dad never thought they'd take off so he didn't buy one.  So he told us.  Actually, since Grandma got a Microwave at least 6 years before we did, I have a feeling we just didn't have the extra money for a few of these things... so I never actually manned an 8 track on my own and wasn't allowed to touch Grandma's musical players (oh no!  The children will put scratches in, or break it!  Here kids, have cookies instead!  Your mother doesn't give you chips?  Eat junk food!  Don't touch the "stereo"). 

So, other than a few records that my parents bought for us kids (Disco Mickey!  Gah, I can't believe my husband never heard "Macho Duck" until I forced him to last week), I didn't own any of that on my own.  My first was a very small boom box (welcome the 80's!) with a dual cassette so I could record everything off the radio and then record it onto another cassette!  smile  I owned a few cassettes, but not a ton.  Why?  Dad bought me the ability to record my own songs, no reason to spend frivolous money on per-recorded ones!  Plus I had that awesome cassette my boyfriend made, and the one my best friend made for me...

I got a CD player as I became an adult, and joined one of those clubs where you're supposed to buy so many CD's each month to keep a great discount.  That was me forcing myself to OWN music that was per-recorded.  Then I stopped, because I saw what a scam it was.  At the time, I also stopped buying albums and realized that most of what I wanted to listen to was on the radio already being played 60 million times over... plus... the internet was here.  All those CD's?  Um... I think most are in the basement collecting dust.  I ripped the ones I wanted to my computer years ago and always keep them backed up on hard drives so they are available.  A few are in my car, though mostly my car is filled with "Kids Bop" CDs.  BUT... at the end of the day, everything I really want to listen to gets put on my iPhone and my iPhone simply gets plugged into the USB port in my car if I want to listen to specific music there (and again, there's a lot of songs on my iPod that belong to "the kids" not me anyway - I should download Disco Mickey or Grease... of course, they are already well aware of both and the little one and I were even singing "Cool Rider" from Grease 2 through the drug store last week).

I don't even have a CD player other than in the car (though the computer can play CDs, as can the Xbox).  I have some songs from Chordie members that have been ripped to my hard drive, the original CD's are ... somewhere, I think in a drawer.

So, yeah - I have probably bought more singles to download than I've ever bought of any other musical media.  Well.... I do probably own more printed music than anything else though.  I have several folders of choral compilations, a few books filled with Italian Arias, and my giant folder of printed chord/song sheets.

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Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

I'm only just coming to terms with stereo, so all this talk of streaming is way over my head. Locally we have some great shops specialising in vinyl and as most of the stuff I buy is 60's or 70's I have no problems. I do have many cd's but much prefare the 12 inch LPs for the artwork.
bring back mono I say.

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Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

Getting back to Bill's original question..... the audio quality of a digital recording on something like CD is far superior to anything that could be pressed into a chunk of warm vinyl (not that these old ears could effectively "hear" the difference).  The jackets, artwork and feel of a vinyl record has a nostalgic effect that a plastic case and tiny disk can never replace.  That said, I am also of the group who has long abandoned LPs as a viable format, along with the "dead" Laser Disc (about the same size as an LP but read via laser), Beta-Max Video Cassettes, and "dial" Telephones..... and would be difficult to "retro-convert".  wink  There is so much music out there (some is quite good), and for the most part if you can remember the title, you can find it on the web (for those who's memory is up to it), there is little incentive to "own" anything but the right of downloading to your "Library" that which you feel worthy.

Support the Artists, buy the Music, and attend as many Concerts as your Wallet will Allow..... the Memories are "Priceless".

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Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

When I was in the service back in the late sixties, early seventies, I purchased, as did everyone in my unit, a stereo system. Putting together a system through BX facilities was extremely inexpensive as opposed to getting one off-base. It seems like everyone had the same composition of units which varied by number of speakers and brand names. There was the main component, the receiver, which served as AM/FM, inputs for media such as reel-to-reel tape decks and LP turntables. The receiver had, usually, output for 2 pairs of 50-200W stereo speakers, left and right, and some receivers had the new dolby output capabilities which phased the outputs of stereo to produce subtle background left and right. To me it didn't sound much better than running the second pair of speakers. My receiver had a microphone 1/4 jack which was designed to accept microphone, but I then discovered that a guitar could also be received. It was then that I bought a cheap off/brand guitar and began to follow the lead work of every venue I could get my hands on. With a formal piano teaching background I was able to "key-think" the fretboard and accomplish what I could. I got a foot pedal for my guitar which had four-way switching to distort the signal. So into it went my guitar, and from it to the mic input. My tape deck had a pair of output jacks which could be looped back into the deck input with 1/4 cables. Amazingly I was able to produce, and record, some of the exact same sounds that are attained with multi-hundred dollar pedal units industry available to the public now. And I think I invested no more than $50 for those extras. My entire system plus guitar and a 200W Fender tube amp and 4-foot tall, four speaker box didn't cost me more than an $800 investment total. That was a lot of money back then, but considering the alternative being bar-hopping on one of the skid rows off-base, it wasn't difficult to rediscover my appreciation of music and, at that current time, the ability to reproduce it. I've looked on ebay with some sense of nostalgia to see if there are any reel-to-reel decks out there, in particular, the Teac that I had. Those that I saw were pretty done for. A few had been reserved as well as a 40 year piece of electronics might, but nothing close to mint condition. The tape is hard to come by since it isn't manufactured in quantity like it used to be. Components are impossibly to recreate and not made anymore. What a drag. But those WERE the DAYS!

Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

My PC has a set of half-decent speakers hooked up to it, in order to stream YouTube, etc.

But I'm still locked into CDs in some ways, due to the other listening equipment I have. My car is a 2006 VW Jetta (which I love!) and it hasn't got an MP3 jack anywhere ... just a CD player. My home stereo system is an old Revox tuner / power amp combo, along with a 5-disk changer. It works fine, so I keep using it. Once I get with the 21st century with my car and stereo, I'll probably go MP3s / streaming all the way.

Re: Have Any Of My Chordie Friends Given Up CD's?

After years of sitting in front of a computer as an engineer in the nuclear industry, I've become somewhat of a Luddite in my retirement. I only use a computer for email and to check weather and creek levels each morning (to decide where I'll go fishing), shop and visit a couple sites like Chordie. I never download any music nor upload my own songs, instead I make CDs of my original music and give them to friends who want to hear my songs.  If you want to hear any of my music Bill,  PM me your mailing address and I'll send you some samples (on CDs of course) smile


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