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This song is about a life i decided not to have! I have no problem with Nip Tuck friends, there choice! There perogative! I have enough surgical scars to show how hard i fought to survive and live my wonderful life. Happy days! "I am what i am!"

AirbrushedHelena Donovan: 24th June, 07

[G]The Car is here I hear you call,

[C] Another dress [G] another ball

Your labels showing your   dress is too low

[C] I take no heed I don’t [G] want to go.

[C] The room exudes [Dm] Elixir blends

[G] Mixed with falsehoods [E] and some friends

[C] Insipid handshakes [Dm] chill my soul

[C] So many people with [Dm] life on [G] hold.

[C] This is not me this never [Dm] was

[G] Don’t want your life of [E] kiss and nod

[C] Just give me freedom [Dm] open spaces

[C] Beaches, Mountains [Dm] Streams are my [G] Oasis.

[G] You look divine, I smile and nod

[C] Deep inside i [G] cling to life

  As airbrush kisses pass my hair

[C] I’m still wishing I [G] wasn’t their.

[C] Uneaten food, [Dm] skin to tight,

[G] Eyes like rabbits [E] caught in lights

[C] Lips that move but [Dm] there not real

[C] Mine at least I [Dm] still can [G] feel.

[C]This is not me this never [Dm] was

[G]Don’t want your life of [E] kiss and nod

[C]Just give me freedom open [Dm] Spaces

[C] Beaches, mountains, [Dm] Streams are my [G] Oasis

[G] The cool night air I do inhale

[C] Caressing me [G] invisible veil

I breathe and sigh and take you in

[C] No mask of face just [G] Joy you bring.

Repeat Chorus;

Why Blend in with the Crowd ? When you were made to stand out !

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Hi Helena,
Nice song. Meaningfull Lyrics.
Well Done.
The  world of cosmetic surgery perpetuated by mass media is false and money making.
Praying on the insecurities of people where image is everything.
Your right people have choices. But I do find the whole business somewhat distasteful.



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Old Doll - just a great song - I do wish I could turn a phrase as well as you. I've never understood the whole nip-tuck culture. I'm with you too; who needs that kind of life.

J  E  T  S
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very inspiring song well done...

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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you're lyrics are always so poetic... anyway nice one. wouldn't understand all that mess personally.I know some people who got nose jobs and stuff that were happy with it though, i guess the key is moderation.

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Beautifully said, Old Doll!

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This is a work of beauty OLD DOLL!!!  truly it is!

"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
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hi old doll there's nothing worse than going into venue where everyone is tense and you can cut the air with a knife,better going to your local...

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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Thank you all for all your kind post as always! They are graciously recieved.

I do agree with you! I have always had a very intuitive sense/gut feeling!
Maybe to sensitive at times. So that life, i dont have to deal with now except by choice!    Im now doing what i love most, "Being ME!" One Happy little Old Doll.

Why Blend in with the Crowd ? When you were made to stand out !