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Hey Chordians. 
Sorry for my extended absence.  I thought I'd get back sooner but - you know how it goes...
Anyway, I got missing you all and was poking around the forums the other day - I like what you've done with the place.
Just for fun I thought I'd join in on the FSOTM -- if I can figure out how to use Soundcloud.  We shall see...
See y'all around,

Re: A prodigal's return

Good to see you back Jim !

Hope to hear more from you, I'll wander up to that other section and hear what you did.

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Welcome back.  Topdown and I were chatting about you and those cool songs you wrote about your friend when we got together at his house down in March.

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Re: A prodigal's return

Good to see an old familiar "face". Glad you're back!

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Hi jgreen, nice to meet you and look forward to listening to your FSOTM smile

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Re: A prodigal's return

Welcome back! Glad to see you're participating in SOTM!

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Welcome back!  AWESOME stuff you put up there!  Why haven't you posted recordings before?  How's life treating you? 

Chordie's still about the same, just a fresh coat of paint and a little tune up.  wink

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Re: A prodigal's return

Thanks for the "welcome back" everyone
Your support and encouragement for everyone was another thing I missed here.

The FSOTM thread is a  great addition. 
Basically I don't play for anyone - ever but that is a pretty comfortable place to contribute and share.  Very cool.
I did join in a couple Skype strums with Topdown and a couple others but that's about it.  I'll definitely do the FSOTM thing again, cherry picking the songs I expect -Jack & Dianne was beyond my reach but then again, a little stretch now and then ain't a bad thing....

Life is great, Amy.  My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer when I went AWOL here a couple years ago.  We quit our jobs and just kinda went to ground.  And it's been a great couple years - she's doing fine.  Perpetual monthly chemo is a bit of a bother but it's local and not beating her up much at all.  So, not quite the early retirement plan I'd recommend but we're having a ball.

Thanks again

Re: A prodigal's return

Welcome back indeed, JG !

BadEye and I have been holding down the Canuck Presence here on Chordie, and it's nice to have you back. So sorry to hear about the ordeal you and your missus have been through, and I hope / pray that brighter days are ahead for you both.