Topic: Banjo vs Guitar tuning peg direction?

I got my 5 string out today after many years. The thing I noticed that turning the tuning peg clockwise on the banjo raises the pitch on the string. Is this correct? On my guitar clockwise would lower the pitch. Is the Banjo different than the guitar in this aspect or is one wound wrong?

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Re: Banjo vs Guitar tuning peg direction?

On straight through (non-offset/non-geared) tuners the "up" side tuners would sharpen clockwise, and the "down"side tuners would be counter-clockwise same as Guitar (we just get used to it). The thinking is that the strings pull relatively straight through the nut and wrap the peg from the center towards the "outside".  Funnily enough I was over visiting a friend this weekend and happened to pick up his "left-hand" guitar and found it out of tune ( a Travesty !!), so like a good guy I tweaked it back for him (and my peace of mind) and learned something.  It feels "wrong" to turn tuners the opposite direction (and with my right hand) to get there, and a new found respect for those folks that can play either handed (like some Luthiers I know). smile

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