Topic: Gordon Lightfoot Steel Rail Blues: Critical Word Correction

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There is a critical wording error that misses the story ending: in the last verse, the wording should be: 'WON'T' carry me home.  (There is a wonderful performance from a 1972 bbc concert).


Re: Gordon Lightfoot Steel Rail Blues: Critical Word Correction

Welcome to Chordie !!   You may have noticed that there are two sources indexed for that particular tune here on Chordie.  The one from allcountry has it correctly and the other is wrong, but that sometimes happens, leaving others (like you to notice) to make edits in your songbook or printed folio.

Chordie doesn't store the music actually here, but only indexes sources and formats the information in a standard style for easier use.  Which is why the source is commonly listed within the title line.

Thanks for passing the information along, and once again Welcome Aboard.  You might consider introducing yourself to the Community down in the Chat Corner where you will I'm sure be heartily welcomed by many of our members from all over the globe.  We are a friendly group of around 500,000 with a common interest (music) and just a few simple rules of conduct:  Be kind to everyone;  No Profanity (there are Ladies and Kids present);  Avoid the subjects of Politics, Religion and Race (we try to be "very inclusive"); and No Commercial Advertising.  Oh yeah, and there are No Membership Fees associated with Joining the Fun !! big_smile

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