Topic: River Matthews - Stars

Just wondering if anyone could work out the chords for this song? I have googled and there is nothing out there for this beautiful song! sad

Re: River Matthews - Stars

Well he DOES like his barre chords..... and it looks like we start out in C to B7 - Em7 - Fm7 - G - A7 and back to that C on the 8th fret.  Then he wanders down to Em - Emsus(dim?) - Em7 - D -
and back up to that C Barre again.  That should get you started in the right direction although some of his changes were not clearly viewed, the picking is fairly simple so it should be kinda in the ballpark.

Have fun with it and because the music is more of a background thing.... you can get loose and put your own feel to the tune. smile

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