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Topic: Need Help: Hearing Aid Question

Hi All

As a Vet, the Starkey Co. gives me a free hearing aid. It's flesh colored, fits in the ear canal and has a little plastic thread coming out the end. Like this on the link.

https://www.starkey.com/hearing-aids/co … aring-aids

Well, I DO have a LOT of ear wax, so I pay daily attention to ear care, but after a few days, he thing stops giving me the 1,2,3 options (sound is kind like bleep, bleep-bleep and bleep-bleep-bleap). Then, after a few days there is either no sound (remember I clean my ears daily and don't PACK the wax in) is either nothing, or a screeches where the beeps were. At one point, I have even heard a voice trying to tell me something, but it is very short and inaudible.


1. Do you have one of these and have this problem

2. Can ear wax get into the inner workings of the device. The battery compartment is the only thing to my knowledge which opens up.

I wrote to Starkey and have an appointment with my audiologist next month, but I thought I'd "sound out" (HA-HA, HAHAHAHAHAH HA. HA. CHORTLE, CHUCKLE, HAHAHAHAHAHA! WHOeeeee my friends ............."HEAR!!!!!!" (titter, snort, bwah) first.



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Re: Need Help: Hearing Aid Question

What ?

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Re: Need Help: Hearing Aid Question

I have a hearing aid and earwax can build up not only on the outside but inside as well that is why most audiologists give you a cleaning kit that includes extra white felt rings and plastic domes that fit over the white felt you need to check daily and if you hear any beeps this is an alert that your batteries need to be changed

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Re: Need Help: Hearing Aid Question

I am sorry to learn of the problems  both of you have. I know know one guy my aged that went deaf at 45. He had two  cochlear implants so he could hear again. The wires do not seem to both him at all. He told me he could hear but it is different than when he could hear normally.

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Re: Need Help: Hearing Aid Question

My hearing at age 60 is still very good (thankfully) and I credit my Dad for always making me wear earplugs when using a chainsaw or power tools. Any kind of age related impairment (hearing loss, eyesight dimming, arthritic joints, etc.) is hard to contend with. We remember how life was when all this stuff worked well, and miss it when it deteriorates.

We then look to find devices or other "work-a-rounds" to compensate, which becomes a topic for conversation when the seniors meet for daily coffee at a local coffee shop. Dad also used to say he'd lost his mind years ago, and didn't miss it a bit. big_smile

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