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Today here in the U.S. we celebrate Memorial Day  to honor all those who have  died in defense of our country.  The holiday began in 1868 to honor those who died in the American Civil War and originally was known as "Decoration Day".  After WWII "Memorial Day" was more commonly used and in 1967 became an official holiday.  Please take a few moments today to pause and reflect and be thankful to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom.

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Thank you, Ed. A lot of folks get Memorial Day confused with Veterans Day, having wished me and other Vets, "Happy Memorial Day and thanks for your service." I usually reply with an offered handshake and, "Thank you. I was proud to have served.", discretion being....etc.

Dondra and I went to her Dad's grave (Navy) today, and on the way saw a man dressed in a red "US MARINES" t-shirt, fatigue pants and Marine fatigues cover standing on the side of the highway. Whenever a car approached, he snapped to full attention and saluted. I expect to see a story about him in this week's newspaper. I got chill bumps watching this one Marine paying his own tribute to his fallen brothers and sisters.


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I'm a Marine (there is no such thing as a "former Marine").... anyway, back when the kids were little we started a tradition of going to the local Veteran's Cemetery and doing a little "housekeeping" on the markers in the older section.  Many of the monuments there are from the Civil War,and it always seemed fitting for Memorial Day to tend to that chore as a matter of respect.  I know it seems odd that we should have Civil War burials way out here in Oregon..... but sides were taken everywhere, and there were losses on both sides, even out here on the edge of civilization.

I usually wear a cover that shows my affiliation ie: service, and yes there are usually a couple of those "Thank You for Your Service" comments.  Like Bill I usually just say something like Thank You back.  On Memorial day, I change that to "Thank You for remembering those folks who gave it all".  Then we go about placing flowers on the graves of those we knew, and as a last gesture I float a wreath down the River to honor the friends and comrades who never made it back at all......

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Photos below:
My 85 year old brother Joseph J. Kenyon - note the huge oxygen tank. He served as tail gunner during Korean War. My other brother Alfred was a pilot during last year of Korea.  My son in law is now deployed as a special ops pilot in USAF.   Joe's been leading this ceremony over 50 years.  I tried to talk him out of it this year due to his health issues.... he replied -" I can do this, it's too important not to. People must never forget".

Local man Roy Althiser,Jr.  was guest speaker... a Marine..... served two tours of Vietnam, lost his leg in an explosion while serving as a volunteer fireman, lost his son at age 12 to brain cancer. His father served in WWII and Korea. His Uncle was a  KoreanWar POW for 36 months. His son served in Marines in Iraq war and Afghanistan.
Semper fi Roy !

If we forget to honor those that serve or are serving, we are doomed as a society. It is because of those men and women that serve this country that we have all the freedoms and life choices that we enjoy.

Lastly, the Bugler that escorted Ulysses S. Grant to Appomattox Court house for the Surrender of Robert E. Lee at the conclusion of the Civil War was a young man named Seth Flint.  He had runaway from home to join, at 16 so he used a fake name during his service years. (Charles Seaver) .  He served in a slew of battles as infantry and as  a cavalry rider before becoming Buglar. When the surrender was over he played taps. After he was done, the Southern bugler echoed it.  Hence - that's why we have the echo performed each year during the ceremonies. ( There is an article in Saturday evening post about it - here is the link if you are a civil war buff- … nder/#/1/)

He also lived in my town . He was responsible for the huge Boys in Blue Statue which bears brass plates of all the Civil War Veterans, and subsequently every other war veteran that ever served from our town.

Peatle- sorry if I stepped over into your history realm regarding the Civil War .... but I thought some would be interested.

It doesn't matter what country we are from- we all have many that gave some or all for freedom.
Thanks to all who have served.

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Jim, You know more about history than I.  History is the realm of us all. Your post and others are very interesting to me. Though I am interested in history my knowledge is not that great. I hope that your students appreciate the men and woman who served and I am sure your teaching will make them aware.
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                                                                          DE thank you for reminding us to honour those who made the great sacrifice.

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I spent Saturday at a funeral for a good man who was present at the signing on VJ day. He was rightfully proud of his service. I think Memorial Day was as good of a time for him to go as he could have asked for, if anyone would ever ask for that sort of thing.

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