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Topic: NGD (Thunderbird)

After trying several different bass guitars out, I took Zurf's advice and went with the Epiphone Thunderbird Pro IV:


It feels and sounds great, and the Active EQ really makes it growl and honk. I had to add a bit of relief to the neck (truss rod adjustment) because it was almost flat and thus had some string buzz ... problem solved now. All my other guitars and amps are packed, because we're moving next week ... the music room feels empty. It's built using a 5-layered neck-thru construction (3 maple, 2 walnut), so it has lots of sustain and a warm earthy tone.

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Happy NBD.

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Wooo-hooo,  Happy NGD.

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Great !!

Celebrate, Celebrate

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Congrats! it will add a lot to recordings smile

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Congrats. Nothing like a NGD. Pictures????

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joeyjoeyjoey wrote:

Congrats. Nothing like a NGD. Pictures????

I had one up yesterday okay, but now see it's been replaced by a bunch of gobble-dee-gook. I'll see if it can be redone.

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Love that shape and name. + Nikki Sixx  uses them a lot and so you know it can rally put it out there!


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Congrats TF and great to see a photo of you with it smile

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Late congrats, TF!  Hope you're getting along well with your move and the new bass!

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