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Well here is my futile attempt at playing and singing.
After hearing Easybeats jazzy song, I was thinking this might be a good jazz style song - only problem is that I have no clue how to play Jazz  smile

So this is my version of cascade..... I think pretty good lyrics....
music - maybe not so much.
anyway thanks for giving it a listen

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i left you a message on Soundcloud,just a personal opinion as i`ve had the same problem.
I don`t have a clue about jazz also,all i know is it is a feel.

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The excellent thing Tig about your songs is they can be adapted to many differant styles of music. Anyone from James Taylor to Aretha Franklin could do your songs. You have a gift of writing good songs that I would love to have. Jim your the Bob Dylan of chordie. I am just wondering do you ever send your songs to famous artists like maybe James Taylor to see if they will have a go at them?

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Note left on SoundCloud. Do you have a book on Songwriting and getting your work published, Jim? I had one long ago, but it's gone now - plus I think many things have changed, so I'd need an updated copy anyway. I'm gonna check eBay and see what they have. If you DO have one would you mind sharing its name with me/us?

As I stated before, you make it all seem so easy, so it's easy for me to think you see our world in a different way than I or many like me, do.

GREAT job, by the way!

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Jim ..... I have no idea how to play jazz either ....... I think it is probably a matter of just sitting and learning (google is our friend these days smile )  I agree with Peatle`s comment, so many of your songs can take on many different styles.  I am alway in awe of just how many songs you write.  I thought your vocals were absolutely fine with this song too smile

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Flatery will get you everywhere !

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement.

Peatle, I have never tried to reach out to anyone - I wouldn't even know how to begin. I think you have to be  a member of the songwriteres guild or something before they will even look at a song.  I was watching a video on the history of Country music and Kris Kristopherson  was working  as a janitor at San Quentin and kept giving Johnny Cash's manager copies of his songs.  Finally Johnny recorded one of them - "Sunday Morning Coming Down"  - which became the beginning of Kristopherson's career.  I don't think that work anymore in today's world.


Nah, I don't have a book.  I really wouldn't even want much more than free tickets to a concert if a major star ever recorded a song of mine - I'm really not writing for any hope of monetary reward. ( Not that I wouldn't take some $ if they offered, but definitely not my main concern)

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The "big name performers" that record my songs are pretty much right here on Chordie - and that is fine by me !! ( And thanks to all that have done so)   

Thanks again to all

"Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except only the the best." - Henry Van Dyke