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I am preparing stuff for our band's Halloween gig and we wanted to play some scary Halloween songs in the interval. One of these songs wanted was The Monster Mash and I found a copy of what was advertised as the original version, not the Bobby Pickett one, so I downloaded it (and a couple of others) mixed them onto one track late last night sent it to Julia, our lead singer, for her opinion. This morning I took the ten minute recording I had made and copied it to make a repeating track to last an hour, Then, for the first time, I listened to the tracks to check for evenness of levels.

Suddenly I though I heard the 'f' word in Monster Mash, so I listened closely. The track I downloaded was absolutely disgusting so I had to contact Julia rather rapidly and tell her not to listen to it as it is not fit for a lady to hear. Too late!! She listened to it earlier and was laughing her socks off as she knew how utterly embarrassed I would be sending it to her.

This is one very red faced Roger lol 

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Re: Embarrassing moment

An honest over-sight, Roger ... kudos to you for the quick reparations. I expect we've all done something equally embarrassing before (maybe more than once!) and am glad your friend saw the humor in it all.     

Re: Embarrassing moment

I can imagine how you felt an easy mistake to make when you're rushing. Did the heat from your face melt your phone?     

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