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I just got a text from Zurf. He played three old gospel songs at his father's funeral today.  Please keep Derek and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


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So sorry to hear this. I know that Derek has spent a lot of time looking after his father recently, many condolences.


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So sorry to hear     

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So very sorry to hear this, and my heart aches for our good friend, Zurf. Lost my Dad in March 2016, and none of the many great memories can fill his empty chair.

Thanks for letting us know, DE.     

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So sorry to hear this; I hope Zurf is doing as well as he can ....


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Thanks Ken. Condolences to the family.     

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Sorry to hear of Zurf Dad passing. Though a very sad time  I am sure they would have celebrated  his life with good music and stories.     

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Sorry for your loss, Z     

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Zurf I I am sorry for the loss of your father and may he rest in peace.  I know no words can make you feel better but hopefully time will help your loss.     

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My condolences Zurf on the passing of your Father may he rest in peace.     

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Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

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Sorry to hear of your loss and sadness

May you find condolence  and inner peace in the great memories that can never be taken away

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Thanks for letting us know, Ken.

Zurf - ((HUGS)) -
Jim, the kids, and I send our condolences as well.  We know it's been a rough time, and your entire family is in our thoughts.     

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Sorry to hear this, my thoughts are with you Zurf at this time.     

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Thank you.

There was a time not long ago when I wouldn't have cared what room he was in, I would have laid long odds that my father was the smartest man in it. Ever fly in a wide body jet? If so, your life relied on the quality of my father's mind. He was the person who worked the calculus and set the standards for wide body versus circular cross section. It was applied to subs too, so if you were in the sub service, Daddy had your back. He was absolutely brilliant.

So, when his church called and told me they needed me to come and help ease the news to him that he couldn't do their finances any more because there were too many arithmetic errors, I knew something was up. Don Zurfluh does not make math errors. Ever.

That was three years ago. Almost all my time has been committed to his care since then. It has been a curious adventure. I used to think Dad was my hero because of his brilliance. Over the past three years, I have watched as every dignity was stripped from him. No matter what, throygh every loss, he remained kind.

No more is he my hero because of his brilliance. His brilliance was stripped from him and yet he continued to comfort and inspire others. Now, after all has been said and done, he remains my hero. But now it is because of his kindness, which shined through every indignity, unfairness, and hardship.

I held his hand and rubbed his arm, and proclaimed my love to his very last moment.

To play Country Gospel songs at his memorial was a great honor. They were Blessed Assurance, Softly and Tenderly, and Leaning On The Everlasting Arms. The latter was his favorite song to sing. It was the final song of the memorial service. We rocked the house. The old church bitties looked a little guilty at the end. That's how I know we did it right.

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One other funny thing.

When I was in college, I worked on the floor of a factory where my father was the Chief Engineer. We were known as Papa Zurf and Baby Zurf.     

I don't know that I've ever recieved a higher honor.

My father's name was Don. His father's name was Pete. He told me that the thing he liked most was when he and he father would walk together purple would say, "Here comes Pete and Re-Pete."

I get that now

Granted B chord amnesty by King of the Mutants (Long live the king).
If it comes from the heart and you add a few beers... it'll be awesome! - Mekidsmom
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Our sincere condolences as well, Derek.

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