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I'm thinking about tearing my Traynor YCS50 apart, and making it into a separate head + cabinet. As is, the thing is just too heavy to lug to jam sessions, and I ain't gettin' any younger. sad It's an all-tube 50-watt amp section, so a 2x12 cabinet would be ideal. Instead of using the Celestion Vintage 30's it has now (12 lbs each) I was thinking of using Celestion Neo Creambacks, which are just 4 lbs each.

Do any other Chordians have an amp with Neodymium speakers? The notion of 8 lbs of speakers in total VS 24 lbs is very appealing, but only if they sound good. Any thoughts? 

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Wow a lotta views and no comments.... well, I would expect that on newer products that have not had a huge user base yet.  But for my $.02 I'd see high expectations from them.  The specs are good and I looked up your amp as well.  Going from a single 12 inch to a pair especially if you wire them to 4 Ohm total impedance, will make the most out of what the Amp is rated at and will certainly "rattle yer winders" .  Look forward to your review when the project is complete.  smile     

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I have some speakers to use if the main system goes down but they are not in the same league as what you use with electric so my comments are not relevant.     

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Thanks, Doug and CG ... appreciate your input.

I hadn't thought about the 4-ohm impedance, Doug ... great suggestion. According to Celestion's info page they come in 8 and 16 ohm, so I can wire two of the 8-ohm speakers in parallel and the combined resistance will be 4-ohms. The amp itself has a selector switch for either 8 or 4 ohms, so I'll have to make sure that's set properly (at 8 ohms now, because there's just one 8-ohm speaker.

I'm also going to goof around with the cabinet shape for better sound dispersion. With the speakers over top of each other, I plan to angle their mounting boards away from the true front, facing in opposite directions about 15-degrees or so. Should look kinda cool, also ... like a rejected BOSE creation. big_smile

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