Topic: Printing problem.

When I try to print out a song with the lyrics and chords that have more than one page, the first page will have the lyrics  printed in black and the chords  printed in blue but all remaining pages have just the lyrics. Does anyone have any idea
What I can do to fix the problem? 

Re: Printing problem.

What song were you trying to print ?  I can try to duplicate your issue but be advised that it may not necessarily be a Chordie problem, but it could be that the Chords are not included on all pages on the host site, or you could be low on blue ink ?   More info please.

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Re: Printing problem.

    I am having the same problem.  If I scroll down the song, I see the chords showing above all verses.  When I print, I only get the chords on the first page.  I am using Windows 10 and have tried Edge and Firefox browser.   When I try to print to Windows PDF, the second page is garbled.
    The song I am trying to print is Take Me Home, Country Roads (John Denver) transposed to key of G