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Topic: new computer

The old windows vista finally froze up and died, I decided to be merciful and not make any attempts at resuscitation. I had a new/refurbished computer delivered to the front door as I was not ready to appear in public at a time like this.  So, this morning as I was trying to figure out how this new fangled piece of technology worked, I hear a voice calling my name - now I know there aint nobody here except the four dogs and a sleeping wife,  I begin to reach for my pistol which is never far from my hand and I hear the voice again,  I spin around and - aint nobody there cept the beagle who now senses my growing agitation.  I slowly begin to realize it's the new puter talking to me,  now I'm willing to accept a lot but I gotta draw the line at a talkin puter -  which now brings me to the current situation, how do I make it stop talkin short of shooting it?  I miss my old quiet vista. This new thing is gonna take a heap of learnin before I get it sorted out.

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Re: new computer

There's a whole world of difference between VISTA and windows 10. If you'd had a passing flirtation with win8 it might have eased your pain a bit. I've had my 10 for over two years now and I'm still trying to figure it out! But there is a manual in the program somewhere.
If it's an Apple you've bought I'd be even less help. Still, it's fun learning....put the gun away.     

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