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Picked up the guitar for first time in about 6 months and was picking some this evening. i really got to missing the old days when I used to play an average of 4 hrs a day but have just drifted away from it over the past few years.. I miss being on here and talking to all the great people that frequented the forum.  Just thought I'd drop in and say hello to all the friends from back in the day (and a hello to any new ones to be made). i plan to start playing more and being more active here in the future smile  hope evryone has been well1 

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Excellent we need some new input to add to the good posts that already  are on here. Welcome back.     

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Glad you're back,  rebuilding the callouses on the fingers will be rewarding.     

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It seems you must have been a "chordian" before I joined.  I am glad to have you back here anyways, hope to hear from you more often
I am looking forward to your music!

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Welcome back Pix. Nice to hear from you again. It's a shame so many friends have dropped by the wayside, and nice when they return.

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Hey, GuitarPix ... glad to hear from you. I think I also came aboard since you last posted, but am glad for you that you've got your axe back in hand, and working back into it. I suppose we've all been through dry spells like that; glad you've worked out of yours.

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Wow - There's a blast from the past. Good to hear from you Pix! Check out the chordiestock posts - year 7 is coming up in March. You and Billie should make it if you can! The visit from you and Toots 8 or 9 years ago started a tradition!     

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Hi Chris, great to hear from you again and looking forward to your input. Always interesting to hear the adventures of an underwater firefighter. lol


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Welcome back, Chris. We've missed you.     

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