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here are the words and chords to I could have wrote  song. I also did a another recording finger picking instead of using a pick, I think it sounds better well marginally better

G                         E           C                G      D
I could write a song or I could write a book
it dosnt really matter I never get a second look
I might change my mind but not my point of view
I dont know why I am sitting here talking to you
it dot make no difference when the day is through
most of all these people well they aint got a clue

C                                 G          D                                G
about where their going about where they've been
about the world in general their living in

some folks say it will be all right
while others sit and worry and cry all night
me myself I just dont give a damn
to many things in this life we dont understand
so I grab my guitar and go along for the ride
tell my little stories round the country side

about where I'm going about where ive been
about the world he world in general and the shape its in

well its time for me to be moving along
nothing much is left here for my next song
so ill get my self on the very next boat
across the river Styx my soul will float
when I reach the other side and step out on that bank
I may drop down to my knees and I may give thanks

maybe ill have questions about where ive been
about the world in general and the shape its in 

out of tune out of key and out of touch

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Re: could have wrote a song the lyrics

Yeah!!!! LOVED it, Moe. I left you a note on SoundCloud, but just wanted to say I just caught you "readin' my mail". smile

Especially that part about the river Styx. THAT part sounds like a guy I know very well - too well, sometimes, I think - .

I hope we both get some answers from ol 'Charron, when we give him our tip for helping us cross. smile

Thanks for this great song and performance. (Even if you "don't give a damn"). smile

Good to see you here again, still making music, my friend.


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Re: could have wrote a song the lyrics

great to see the words,i prefer the first version.     

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Re: could have wrote a song the lyrics

Like easybeat - I think V1 was a bit better  - but again - I really like the song.     

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