Topic: The Last Great American Love Song

Inspired by the Musicator Extraordinaire
Words by keepitreal

G                              A
Wonder if you remember that date
               D                  Em
When JFK met his fate
  G                        A                      D
Someone in a doctors office said
              C                 G                              A
The president is gone and peace is dead

  G                             A                     D
Someone somewhere in a song I wrote
  G                  A                           D
Said thank God were free at last
G                G                Em
I had a dream of equality
C                  G                  A
Now that dream has passed

G                     A                 D
Is this the song of America
  G                           A               Em
America you've only just begun
               G                              A                  D
To sing the last great American love song
             C                             G              A
Don't sing it down the barrel of a gun

G                                    A                        D
Walking through the sacred halls of learning
   G                       A                     D                 Em
The voices of Angel's like a choir in my head
G                            A                            D
People trying to stop Cambodia burning
  C                             A           D                          Em
Nine of them are injured four of them are dead

G                                    A
A friend of mine in a dream I had
  D                                      Em
Told me, give peace a chance
  G                             A               D
Imagine if theirs only sky above
           G                            A
In a world that's gone insane
              D                          Em
With the suffering and pain
C                      G                      A
He said that all you need is love


(a little slower)
G                                          Bm
The western world looks up to you
             C            Em
America to pull us through
  Bm                                   C                      G
You're always there to lend a helping hand
          F                           C               G
But America please try to understand
  F                             G      C                                         Am
We want to be a part of that great dream your selling
F                            G               C                                         Em
It's just that we can't be sure who's truth it is you're telling 

Thick as two short planks

Re: The Last Great American Love Song

Interested direction you went, Keep. Very serious and critiquing about the America the world sees, both today and in years past. That said, your song shows a great use of the few thoughts and lines that Bill gave to start with. Creativity takes many forms and can build glimpses of thoughts and fragment of ideas into vastly different meanings, all depending on the creative person behind the pen.     

J  E  T  S
...and yet a Redskins fan ...long story...HTTR

Re: The Last Great American Love Song

Well recently i asked for you guys to inspire me.
I`m loving all this new stuff
thanks for the inspiration from this and many other recent posts.     

The King Of Audio Torture

Re: The Last Great American Love Song

Keepitreal interesting song. Sometimes people from the USA don't realise that the rest of the world looks to them in times of war and unrest. We have always appreciated how their people have helped in times of trouble down here in the South Pacific.     

Re: The Last Great American Love Song

I like this  I'll give it a run through in the morning ,I don't think my wife would appreciate me banging a guitar at 3 . 25  am .lol