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Topic: the parking lot

been awhile since ive posted anything I guess thats because its been awhile since I wrote anything I felt worth posting.
hope ya,ll like it even if it is another one of my sad songs

added words and chords if any one is intrested

G          Em                   C             G
I saw someone in a parking lot
G         Em               C               D
reminded me of you quit a lot
G               Em                        C                                 G
sat there in my truck and watched them walk on by
G               Em                       D                    G
after all these years it still can make cry

I often wonder how you've been
do you ever think of me now and then
I never hear from you , and you dont come to town
but still think of you even though your not around

no faded pictures will there be
no time for birthdays no time for you and me
no fond fare wells      sincere apologies
just an empty hole full bitter memories

rolled down my window threw my hat down on the seat
and let the wind blow voices from the street
they try to tell me everything will be all right
and in the morning maybe we will see the light

out of tune out of key and out of touch

Re: the parking lot

added the words and chords if any one is intrested     

out of tune out of key and out of touch

Re: the parking lot

Excellent song Mojo I enjoyed listening to it on soundcloud your a top notch songwriter and performer, Your clever way with lyrics is outstanding.     

Re: the parking lot

This is really, really good, Mojo ... the last verse really pulls it together, and brings a kind of relaxed closure to what the individual is experiencing. Nice work, dude!     

Re: the parking lot

Hits me right in the heart buddy. You are so very correct in this feeling.as its something I am beginning to deal with. the true division of lives.     

“It’s like a Jab, you got the squeeze and you got the attack, you got the guitar and the emotion behind the song. 
You can plug into a Marshall, but if you are not attacking it,  it's just going to sound so-so.  If the song doesn't grove, you are just bashing through chords” .
-- Mike Ness,  Social Distortion

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Re: the parking lot

I think we've all been through that seeing an ex in a crowd? Wondering if you've missed out or lucky escape?

I should have given it a listen before replying but I wanted to get my thoughts down before losing them. So off I go to SoundCloud.     

Edited to add following....

You've made a great recording of a great song, well done. Your voice and guitar playing are superb as is your writing.

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