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It's been a little while since I posted anything new. So since I haven't written a new song I thought I would share this old one I came across (and hasn't been on chordie yet). I wrote this when I was in between jobs and not seeing an end in site, and I think that mood I was end led me to more creative thinking, if a bit sad. Anyway - here it is and I hope you enjoy it. I need to work on performing this one better prior to recording so no promises on when this goes to soundcloud, but I will try and get it there.

Clear in My Mind By Jeff Gilpin

November 10, 2013

/<verse 1>\

[A]I’ll wake up to a[D]nother day

Just to [G]pass the time a[A]way

[A]Doing the same old [D]J O B

Unless [G]something else gets in my [A]way

[G]But if it was something like [D]you I’d be [A]glad

[G]Something not half as [D]fun I’d probably get [A]mad

[G]Either way I’m pretty [D]sure I’ll make it [A]through

[Em]Until another day begins like they always [G]do

/<verse 2>\

[A]I wonder what [D]life would be like

If [G]awake and asleep were re[A]versed

Where your [A]dreams were all that [D]mattered

Your [G]waking life less re[A]hearsed

[G]If that happened [D]I’d pay more at[A]tention

[G]To all my dreams even [D]those I don’t care to [A]mention

[G]But until that [D]time I’ll still [A]forget

Those [Em]dreams about the stuff that I’ll never [G]get [G7]

        /<chorus 1>\

Because [D]dreams they don’t come true accept for [A]bad ones

[D]Happy times always dissolve into [A]sad ones

But I’ll [D]always try and keep what’s important [A]clear in my mind

Like whenever you’re [Em]near

I look forward to another [A]day

/<verse 3>\

[A]Seems to me like [D]half the people

In the [G]world want different [A]things

And [A]what makes one half [D]happy

Makes the [G]other half want to [A]scream

Or [G]maybe the other [D]half just don’t under[A]stand

The [G]way that others [D]live in those distant [A]lands

And [G]maybe if the other [D]half under[A]stood

[Em]We could work together for a common [G]good [G7]

        /<chorus 2>\

And [D] make our dreams come true accept the [A]bad ones

[D]Happy times always never [A]sad ones

I’ll [D]always keep what’s important [A]clear

Like whenever you’re [Em]near

And look forward to another [A]day


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Re: Clear in My Mind

Such a deep and meaningful song. I had to read it twice to fully understand your depression and how sums up how I felt when I was made redundant after 19 years in a job I loved.
Let's hear it soon.     

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Re: Clear in My Mind

Thanks Phill - Wasn't much fun at that time that's for sure, but I was fortunate we were able to ride it out. As I said, this is going to take me a little time to figure out how it goes, but when I have it I will post it up.     

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Re: Clear in My Mind

Great song Jets! sounds like my kind LOLOL     

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Re: Clear in My Mind

An interesting thought " if awake and asleep were reversed ". Looking forward to hearing it on Soundcloud.     

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Re: Clear in My Mind

Thanks Guys - I'll give it a go this weekend but it's not there yet.     

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Re: Clear in My Mind

There is sooo much to like about this one, Jets ... you've really captured what despair feels like. And in the midst of it, you focused on someone who made bad days better just by being near. And as a guy who's been happily and gratefully married for just over 40 years, this really resonates. Nice work, dude!

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Re: Clear in My Mind

Thanks TF. I could never have made it through the bad times without the help of my wife.     

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Re: Clear in My Mind

Uploaded to soundcloud if you want to hear how it goes -     

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Re: Clear in My Mind

very meaningful - some classic lines in the lyric !!  Nicely done!     

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Re: Clear in My Mind

Thanks Jim!     

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