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A country rock slow-ee?

Memphis Is Calling.Undefined

[A] So, you're moving down to Memphis.

And you're going on your own.

No one going with you.

And you've bought a brand new phone.

[D] You don't want no one calling.

When you're [E] looking for a job.

And [A] maybe if you're [D] lucky.

You can [E] find a Lancelot.

Down in [A] Memphis. [F-E] Down in [A] Memphis.

[A] You used to own a coffee shop.

And people called around.

Sunday afternoon you had a band there playing loud.

[D] Taxes went up through the roof.

And your [E] profits they went down.

You [A] had no other [D] choice.

But to [E] turn away the crowd.

And go to [A] Memphis. [F-E] Go to [A] Memphis.


[F#m] Memphis is calling.

You can [E] start up once again.

You [D] used to live there long ago.

So you're [E] gonna see old friends.

Down in [A] Memphis. [F-E] Down in [A] Memphis.

[A] You felt like they all let you down.

They wont miss you here.

Sometime in the future.

They may wonder where you are?

[D] Don't want no one calling.

If you [E] find a brand new place.

[A] Last thing that you [D] want is to [E] see a familiar face.

Down in [A] Memphis. [F-E] Down in [A] Memphis.


Words & Music by Phill Williams. Home Rex. August 27th 2019. 

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Looking forward to trying this one out Phill...Good stuff my friend.     

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Re: Memphis Calling

Thanks Jeff, I'd love to hear how you'd play it as I tried it about ten different ways. I've begun recording it but I'm still not 100% on the style I've chosen.     

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Cool song, Phill ... and very well written. As I read through it a couple of times, I "felt" a vibe like Dire Strait's "Calling Elvis" for it. Very creative writing, no matter how it's played.     

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Good one Phill !!

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Very well written and thought out. I was interested to see T F saying it felt like Dire Stait's Calling Elvis. Myself after running through a couple of times and finger picking open chords. I was thinking Neil Young. Either way that can't be a bad thing. Looking forward to hearing you soon.     

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As usual the first line came to me in the shower! The title came some time after the song was done. I tried it in different styles, CW, rock, ballad, waltz...etc, I've yet to see how it works out.
Calling Elvis hadn't occurred to me even though I've listened to it many times. Maybe Paul Simons Graceland or Mark Cohen's Walking in Memphis had some input.
I think the song is describing the impact Brexit is having on my home town, with everything, it seems, closing.     

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