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Why do all the online postings of this Classic song leave out one important line in verse.. The song is,if you actually listen to the record, "Just about a week ago , I stole me a hammer meat, I'm gonna keep my skillet greasy if I can.........I know all the chord and lyrics sites are linked but you should listen to the record to post ...By the way, a hammer meat, for those too young too know, is a tough piece meat beaten with a tendering hammer.. commonly used in the 20's and 30's by poor folk on cheap cuts of beaf.. sometimes known as cube steak..Xxs Hank 

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I  really have no idea, but would surmise a guess for some errors would be transcription by those with fluency in other languages or poor recordings, or in my mind a hedge against claim of copyright violation by inserting exclusions or errors.  A lot of the music available is someone's interpretation of a song and should be used as a guide rather than "gospel" unless you have a genuine piece of sheet music in front of you from the licensed publisher.  Even then some chords may be simplified or transposed to make the tune easier to learn and or play.     

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My guess is that Mississippi John Hurt didn't play the song the same way every time, and the folks doing the transcription may have listened to a different record than you did.     

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