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I was reading an article, and then got the idea to look up a few opinions about songwriting.  I find them interesting.  Some, most, are basic you would think common sense, but a lot of us forget the points being brought up.

“You have to understand that music is something to be shared, and the function of music is putting people in different moods—it’s there to make them feel happy, powerful, or melancholic. It has a purpose.
Music is a tribal experience, and it is about connection. And if you don’t understand this, you simply cannot be successful.   Figure out how to reach in and change their emotions. Learn how to put them in a mood. That’s what music is for.”     
- Jason Hook, Five Finger Death Punch (Paraphrased from guitar player online interview)

"I'm doing the best I can. You can't say I didn't try really hard because I'm really trying hard to be good."
– Tom Petty

"But I'm of the school of the instinctive. I once worked with Allen Ginsberg and Allen always used to say, 'First thought, best thought.' And then he would edit everything. But I think the theory is good. 'First thought, best thought.' It doesn't always work, but as a general idea I will try and do that and sometimes I come out with a puzzling set of words that I have no idea what I mean, and yet I've got to kind of make sense of it and follow the trail." 
- Sir Paul McCartney (NPR Interview)

“..And remember, a song should contain only one story, or one message, told from a single point of view”…. “You have to try to find a melody and lyric that will braid together and create four minutes of memory that you will have for the rest of your life”             
- Dave Grohl,  Foo Fighters

“…writing the melody first gives me more freedom than doing it the other way around”.. “It’s very important to have a great melody, if you have one, build your song around that. Don’t make it too complicated.”
– Max Martin.  POP Hit writer “go to guy”

I think that is good for now.
Cheers and have fun. 

Music is a tribal experience, and it is about connection.  Figure out how to reach in and change their emotions. Learn how to put them in a mood. That’s what music is for.”-JH.
“..And remember, a song should contain only one story, or one message, told from a single point of view” - DG
Its the little mistakes that become great. and when it falls in place, the feeling is  indescribable.

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excellent choice of topic, and as you'd expect i have a lot of opinion on the subject, or do i?
to begin; i write songs for myself not other people. if other people enjoy my humble offerings then that's great. i've written hundreds of songs and most of them are complete and utter rubbish. one or two are good, possibly very good.
as for changing people's moods or attitudes...well Lennon did it. he also wrote silly meaningless songs; glass onion, i am the walrus, maybe even lucy in the sky with diamonds? all great songs but not really literary masterpieces?
did disco music change attitudes? for the most part it's got to be a NO! "you can ring my bell"?
i wont even mention the "new romantics" waste of time.
i heard someone say that rap is all about politics??? no just sex drugs and shooting i being too controversial?
i guess i'm just "wounded, old and dangerous" well not dangerous (Ian Anderson's words)

in conclusion; write what makes you happy, or to get stuff off your mind. if you make it you'll get rich (hopefully) if not.....     

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Re: Thoughts on songwriting

I don't know much about music. I have always thought if it sounds like a song and you have made that sound with all that goes with it  you must be a song writer. The debate will always be is it good or bad we all have differant tastes.

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I must  admit   I'm  going  through  an  angry  stage   of  my  life  and  most  of  what  I  write  is    anti  government  anti  brexit  at  the  moment  so   I  tend  not  to  post  a lot of  the  stuff  I'm currently  doing   on  here   as I  feel  its  not  the  right  platform  ,however    some   of  the funny  stuff  and  the   "normal"  stuff   will  appear   from time  to  time .
But  the    way  I  work   is  usually   lyrics  come  first ,normally  about  4 am  so  I  write  them  down  and  work  them into  a  song  over  the  next  few  days .Its  a  bonus  if  I  can come  up  with  a  good  hook like  as if  you  can  get  something   that  sticks  in a  listeners  mind  you're  half  way  there .
Anyway  maybe  if  Trump  gets  impeached   or  Boris  gets jailed  or  executed  for  treason . I  can get  back  to  writing  "normal "  rock  and  blues again .     

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Tend to find that if I can't write a song in one sitting then it won't get written at all, because I lose the mood and the thread of what I'm trying to say. Unfortunately most of the stuff I write is anti something,  war, politicians etc, and someone usually ends up getting killed.
Not very good at writing boy meets girl, girl dumps boy.     

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Re: Thoughts on songwriting

Keep it real,the stuff i write is mostly controversial stuff, which does not go down to well ,but i feel it still needs to be said.
I'm not to good at writing love songs either. As for writing songs i write a verse then get stuck for the rest. A melody and chords come then can't write the lyric,sometimes words,chords and melody come and it all just flows out It's rare though.

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