A new song, very country. Full explanation to follow.

Over The HillUndefined

(INTRO ; A-G-D.)


[A] I used to have a puppy.

[G] Many years [D] ago.

[A] I played with my puppy.

While I [G] watched him [D] grow.

[Bm] You can never have [Bm/A] enough time.

[G] Being just a [E7] kid.

[A] Remember what I'm [G] telling you.

[D] Before you climb that [E] hill.


[A] The hill is there before you.

[G] And soon you'll reach the [D] top.

[A] Soon you're looking back down there.

[G] So you think about all you've [D] got.

[Bm] Everybody [Bm/A] wants to take.

The [G] savings that you've [E7] earned.

[A] Remember what I'm [G] telling you.

[D] Before your fingers [E] burn.

And you're heading down the [A] hill.

Heading for the [D] bone yard.

Heading for the [Bm] last stop on the route.

That takes you to the [E] pearly stars.

You're heading down the [A] hill.

And time is passing [D] faster.

All that's left are [Bm] memories.

Of things you did when you were [E] younger.

And you're worried 'bout your [A] heart.

Is your liver gonna [D] give out.

It's getting harder [Bm] everyday. Everybody says.

Get out of your [E] arm chair..

'Cos you're over the [A] hill.-[D-A]


And you're over the [A] hill. [G-D]

Words & Music by Phill Williams. Home Rex. 14th October 2019. 

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.


My son has just bought a dog, so that explains the first verse.
The rest of the song is more or less a retrospective of my life and how I feel at this time.
The hill is of course the hill we will all get over one day, and it's downhill from there, and I feel like I've crested that hill.
It feels like everything I do I've done before, my voice can't reach the notes as easily, and my knees are giving me jip!
I have a problem with my heart and blood pressure, I spend more time having tests up the hospital than I do at home.
I have to pay full Council tax even at 68, and it seems everyone from the government to the cold callers want to take the little money I have left. and I can't do things I used to do a few years ago. I actually thought I'd stopped writing songs till this popped into my head.
That's my moan for today, I'm sure you are all glued to your screen....maybe not. LOL     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.


Its  a good song Phill and  it  mirrors  my  situation as  well ,My sons  both  bought dogs  and  I  seem  to spend  half my life  going to the  doctors  or hospital and  I  have to pay full council tax .Hey  but what the  hell  we  both  can still  sing and  play rock n roll. Keep  churning it  out buddy , love it .     


Phill,  Excellent lyrics. I look forward to hearing you play this song.  One of my nieces calls me “ The Over The Hill Kid”. The past few years have made me realise how Im not bullet proof.  Two years ago my once good  health changed and I had to get use to doctors medication hospitals and so on being a big part of my life.. As Grah has pointed out  we are never to old to sing and  play rock n roll. You still got it Phill rock on brother.     


Thanks Graham and Peatle. Oh yeah, you give in to it and you wind up pushing up daisies, then who'd collect my granddaughter from school?

It's a real annoyance when you work all your life and you have to give out most of the pension you've worked for. Then you see girls with four kids that have never worked in their lives get a house and benefits and they still don't know what soap is for. Sorry, another sermon!     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.


And don't forget. Life is like a toilet roll, the further you get through it the faster it goes.     

Thick as two short planks


Phill   great words and you left a lot of open words to make all of  all of use think.  Nice and well done.     

Music is what feelings sound like.
Music is life, that why our hearts have beats.