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Looking for info on tenor guitars.  Not much online.  I have struggled to play the guitar for two years but arthritis makes it difficult to cover six strings and the width (and I have a parlor guitar) of the neck.  What about a tenor guitar?  Is it tuned like the top 4 strings, the bottom four strings or the middle four strings?  What about sheet music?  I know so little.  Help please 

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You should definitely consider learning lap slide playing in an open tuning! Left hand only has to move the slide or tone bar!     

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Tenor Guitar is commonly tuned D G B E although alternate tunings can be used (much like most stringed instruments), this common tuning makes it easier for those of us who already play the 6 string version to transition down to 4. The open chord shapes are the same as the larger cousin and easily mastered. Baritone Uke is also tuned this way and if you find the tenor neck to still be a bit wide, you might try one of those as a smaller option.     

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