Topic: Copyright and fair use

Can anyone confidently answer whether or not it's fair use to created a paper songbook with lyrics only to hand out at a singalong event?

Peter Lloyd 

Re: Copyright and fair use

I would say we need more information to accurately answer. But if you're just handing out songsheets, which are readily available on line or in song books, then I wouldn't think that would infringe any copyright laws, especially if you're referring to older songs or Christmas carols/ songs . If you can wait a while there are more  savvy members that will give a clearer interpretation.     

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Re: Copyright and fair use

Thanks, Phil.

I perform at nursing homes and retirement villages, hand out 80-page soft-bound books that I've self published, and take them back at the end of the singalog. I feel safe doing this.

The problem comes when a resident begs to buy a book. I refuse to sell them and occasionally give the book to the resident. Since I'm being paid to perform, I'm not comfortable taking money from the audience. Especially at the less well-financed institutions. However at some places that are quite upscale, I know I might be comfortable selling books, with the permission of the facility, of course.

Hope this additional information helps.     

Re: Copyright and fair use

Copyright laws vary a bit from country to country. As long as your not doing it for commercial gain your safe in situations where it is just a small group gathering having a fun singalong. Where you can can get into trouble is when you start selling those songbooks or giving unauthorised copies away.