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A few years back I was in a band, some things happened and the only other person that was with me that played the guitar sold out on me. Now I can play a little, but I've only been messing with the sounds and am still a beginner. I only recently got a guitar and it's been almost 4 years since I had one due to circumstances. Now, I can't pay but, if somebody can, there is one song that I still have from my band days on YouTube. Its one of 2 songs I remember out of a full albums worth that we had ready, the other one I remember cause it was the first one that I wrote on guitar. Anyway, if someone can, I need somebody that can tell which chord is being played by ear, write down what chords are being played in each section, and send them to me. It would mean a lot cause the song I'm requesting is the very first song I wrote. If you need verification that the song is mine I can give that info.(through FB and YT and only if you can help me) If you can help I will post the video URL when I respond and we will discuss validating the song at that time as well. Thank you.

P.S. WARNING, this was a long time ago so it may sound bad, on top of the fact that it was recorded in Audacity. 

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Nothing wrong with audacity, if you have the audio file you could feed it to and it should be able to sort it for you.     

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Riffstation always works well for me:



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