Topic: Gallows Pole .Cindy and co Matala Live
Another  track  from our  radio   transmision   from Matala 2013 

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Nice one ! I love he driving beat and the lyrics as well, It was performed in excellence. Thanks for sharing it. smile


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Re: Gallows Pole .Cindy and co Matala Live

Sounds like you were enjoying playing that as much as I'm sure the audience were enjoying listening to it. Very much up to your usual excellent standard Graham.     

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Re: Gallows Pole .Cindy and co Matala Live

We  had  a  great  time  that  day ,it  kind  of  made  up  for  the day   before  when the  organisers  dropped  a  massive  clanger   in  their  timing  and  GB  Blues  ,and  another  English  band  were  cut   from the    program  .Its  a  massive  festival but  the stage  manager  let two of the  acts have  too much  time  for  sound checks which  ruined it  for  us on  the  main stage .
Happily   I'd  been invited  to  play  with Cindy  and  Antonis  on the  second  stage as  well,so  I  got  to play .
The  following  year   they  got it  right   as  my  mate  Luigi  was  stage  manager   and  we  had  a  ball.