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Hi All,

I can't print any  song, either from Chrome or MS Edge. In Chrome the message says my printer is not available or not configured correctly. In MS Edge after hitting the Print icon.... nothing.... no message.... no print.

I've used Chordie for years and can't remember having problems before but this I think started after upgrading from Win 7 to Win 10.

Printer works for all other applications, etc.

Hope someone can enlighten me as to what the issue may be. 

Re: Printing Problems

I don't know if this will help but I had the same issue, on the startup google page upper right side 3 dots click> settings> advanced>printer see if your printer is listed if not enter the info if it is you may have to go back to your boot screen and open settings> printer> and see if it is listed if not turn the printer on it should pop up if no response someone else may be able to help good luck     

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Re: Printing Problems

Thanks for your prompt reply. Just checked via Chrome settings and printer does indeed appear there as my default. As I say, I can't print using MS Edge either and even more strange I can't download a a PDF as I get the exact same message.     

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Re: Printing Problems

I had the same problem when I up graded from win 7 to 10 . The only cure/work round I could find was to buy a new printer as the old one apparently was not  designed for any o/s higher than 8 ! Try updating your driver's?     

Oh I just remembered, I got the free win 10 upgrade so almost nothing worked! In the end it crashed and I had to get the disk and reinstall.

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Re: Printing Problems

Thanks for the reply. Replacing the printer seems a bit extreme in my situation as it's only Chordie I'm having issues with. Drivers are all up to date.