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I have an acoustic guitar and I want to learn to play chords..!!

Can you suggest me some good online platforms where I can learn??

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He has a free beginner course that I think is very good.

There are other on-line resources too, but I think Justinguitar has a good approach for beginner acoustic playing.

I am not associated with that web site or owner in any way other than a satisfied user.

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I have to agree with Zurf about  I've used Justin's website for several years and you'll find everything you need on his site and it's free.  He recently undated his entire website and it's loaded with lots of good stuff whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or a veteran guitarist.  I've found JamPlay to be very good too, but it's not free.  They have some good instructors onboard who provided video instructions.  I was member for a year, since I wanted learn more about finger style and blues guitar.

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Open youtuve and search for tutorials. I learnt this way.     

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No substitution for just playing a three chord song. time in front of a computer won't do it alone.     

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Marty Schwartz on you tube, you can download a free e-book of chords.  also Pappastasch on YT he is great also.  get your block diagrams and start learning.  its how I did it before there was interwebs     

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seriously guys? this fellers original post is two years old and he hasn't posted since! he probably meant to return at some point to spam.     

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