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Topic: Folk Song /Rescue

After reading a few comments,i thought hey i m keen to leave it hanging,unresolved.
But my subconscious must have been  thinking of all your comments
then this dropped in my lap.

many days passed
repairs came to nought
our bodies ached
dis-pear set in
on the third week
our look out shouted
i see a light
a rescue at hand
god had heard our prayers

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Re: Folk Song /Rescue

Brian, I'm so glad I asked you to give us a resolution to your excellent poem. I guess now we'll all be able to sleep tonight.

I wrote a song a few years back on a similar theme called Bristol bound, I think, about fishermen returning home to Bristol in foggy weather when their boat is hit by a big ship. I don't know who recites the story as there were no survivors...it could have been called.. row boys row? I'll have to look it up     

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Re: Folk Song /Rescue

Good One EB