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Topic: Beartooth

Recorded at Nashville's Blackbird Studio (as was the main album) the more cleaned up version of this record.

This is an older vid and mini doc. but this shows how talented a very heavy band is. these guys are soo good
the regular sound of the band is heavier than most of the Chordie crowd likes but I know you all will like this.


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Good, close harmonies and understated instrumentation - my kind of music !!! Thanks for posting Beamer.


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loved the first song and listened to the others but not so impressed to be honest. i do love my metal fairly heavy so i had a look at their other stuff on YT, but it was too heavy for me. thanks for posting though very educational.     

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jeez- at the risk of sounding like  broken record - ditto to what Phill said - Loved the first song - loved the last song too
Alas, I am not a big metal fan (mostly bc I can't play it !) - but this caught me off guard.  I was really surprised at the harmonies they achieved. Also really super surpised to see the violin being played.  after listening to this the third time - I came to appreciate it more.
Thanks though Scott - I really liked this - opened up a new view of metal to me.


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I really liked the first song.