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In the first couple of lines in Phill's song "Searchin", the lyrics end in the phrase "you're on my mind". This reminded me of a song I wrote a couple autumns ago. My oldest daughter was in an auto accident and so for a month my wife stayed at her house in Florida and did chores for her until she healed.  I thought a lot about how I missed our going on walks and enjoying the fall foliage together, and how much I often think about her in all of the seasons, so I wrote this song.

I Think of You Ken Willis

Verse 1

[G]In the warm days of spring, when the [C]earth is renewed

When the [G]trees and the flowers all [D]burst into [D7]bloom

[G]Late in the evening, 'neath a [C]big April moon

[G]I close my eyes and [D]I think of[G]you

Verse 2

[G]Or in the heat of the summer, when the [C]green grass grows high

I [G]lay on my back and stare [D]up at the [D7]sky

At the [G]fluffy white clouds in a [C]big sea of blue

Then [G]I close my eyes and [D]I think of [G]you

Verse 3

[G]When the cool air of autumn is [C]borne on the breeze

And [G]carries a paint brush to the [D]woodlands and [D7]trees

When the [G]leaves falling down are all [C] colors and hues

[G]I close my eyes and [D]I think of [G]you...[G7]


The [C]change of the seasons, the [G]circle of life

The [D]ups and the downs like some [G]carnival ride [G7]

But [C]one thing's for certain in this [G]passage of time

When [D]I close my eyes, you'll [C]be on my [G]mind

Verse 4

[G]In the middle of winter, when the [C]cold north winds blow

When the [G]earth is all covered in a [D]blanket of [D7]snow

When the [G]sparks from the wood fire [C]dance in the flue

[G]I close my eyes and [D]I think of [C]you...[G] [C] [G]


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Beautiful words Ed. I felt the emptiness you must have felt. The seasons all fall together in your words, you either spent ages honing adjusting and refining or the words came to you magically in one miraculous down load... metaphorically speaking?
Like Jim's latest offering I'll give it a strum later.     

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Ken (DE)

I quite agree with Phill once again !
While each verse is unique and meaningful, the last one really got to me.
The lines really grip the passion you have for your wife and appreciation for what you have between you.
The simplicity of the rhyme masks the deep and complicated requirements of a great marriage.
Cheers to the great healing job and recovery of your daughter - and maybe some healing inside when your wife returned.

Beautiful song !!


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Clever lyrics DE.     

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I recorded the song this evening but apparently had the settings pretty low. Might have to turn things up to hear it. I need to try recording it again.     

I want to read my own water, choose my own path, write my own songs

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Very nice. Three chords and the truth.     

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