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Topic: 12000 Miles ... Written by Phill Williams and Peatle Jville

This is a song I have written with Phill.  I will attach Phill's excellent recording also. It would be good to hear comments from folks out there on this one. Thank you Phill for making this song work.


12,000 Miles. Phill Williams and Peatle Jville

[Cadd9] 12,000 Miles today aint [G] nothing.

You might as well be right next door.

12,000 miles maybe half a world away.

But I [Fmaj7] can [C] talk to you the [G] same.

[Cadd9] 12,000 miles could be the [G] next bay.

The Valleys or just down the road.

You could be standing in an alley on the phone.

[Fmaj7] 12,000 [C] miles away from [G] home.


[D] 12,000 miles aint [A] nothing.

[Em] A strange embrace or something [D] else.

[D] Distance [Daug] doesn't mean a [C] thing by [G] phone.

[Fmaj7] 12,000 [C] miles away from [G] home.

[Cadd9] Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo [G] doo do. Etc

[Cadd9] I saw you standing on the [G] corner.

I saw you picking up your phone.

I saw you dial-up my number.

[Fmaj7] 12,000 [C] miles from [G] home.