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Titled "Rain" probably the simplest song I've written in months. Not on soundcloud yet, I will inform when it's live.



[C] Rain. Running like a [C] waterfall.

[D] Tears of the [G7] angels.

Saddened by the [C] wicked wind.

[C] Floods.Flowing through my [C] broken heart.

[D] Water running [G7] cold.

Running through my [C] veins.


[Fm] And every time I [Am] call your name.

[Dm] The clouds grow darker [G7] overhead.

And then they start to [C] rain.

[C] Rivers. Flowing down my [C] window pane.

[D] Like tears on my [G7] face.

Drying in the [C] wind.



Rain, rain. Go away.

If you must come another day.

Take the clouds and leave the sun.

All the kids can have their fun.


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Re: Rain.

Nice one Phill

Can't wait to hear it !

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Re: Rain.

Piri, in the last few weeks two young ladies I worked with before I retired have had their life's cut short by cancer. Your lyrics for me capture how people are feeling at this time over the loss of these two. A brilliant piece of song writing in a good but not over complicated way. I look forward to hearing you do this song.

Re: Rain.

I was reading through this and had thunder sound effects going through my head ... looking forward to hearing it ....



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Re: Rain.

Phill, looking forward to hearing this one and see how you perform it.  Good to see you back writing again smile

Peatle, sad to hear about the 2 young ladies sad     

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Re: Rain.

Pedr, saddened to hear of your friends unfortunate and untimely passing. I'm sure they will live on in your memory.

Hi Jim, just waiting for the new month and deciding if the full works or the bare bones recording would be more acceptable?

Thanks Richard, I never thought of thunder fx just rain...we get plenty of that!

Thanks Jan. It's your invite and request for song to do with water got the juices flowing. Strange how it works sometimes?     

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Re: Rain.

Looking forward to hearing it Phill     

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