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I made this short video looking for suggestions????

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Hey Pedr. A mate of mine uses a tennis ball sized exercise ball to strengthen his fingers. Myself I practise scales to keep my fingers nimble, which I should have been doing 50 years ago but I was in too much of a hurry. I begin with the key of G on the 6th string all the way up using all the strings till I get to G on the 1st string on the 15th frett. Then back down and so on through all major and minor keys. Then practise chords. But I think exercise is key. Failing that have you thought about slide/bottle neck?     

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Hi Peatle,

Have you tried a tool like this? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/144996911182 - I'll also ask the folks at our music club, as a few are in a similar situation ...




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Piri and Richard thank you some good tips there on what I can try I appreciate your input.     

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Hi Peatle, I was going to suggest maybe using a slide but then I see Phill already suggested that.   The only other thing apart from finger exercises would be trying some of the herbal products for arthritis.  Doterra is the best in my opinion, though expensive because they are 100% pure and natural.  A lot of the herbal stuff off the shelf these days, even from pharmacies, though herbal have synthetic stuff mixed in with them but doterra is completely natural and sourced from countries all over the world.  I love their products.  If you want to know more about their herbal products, flick me an email and I will dig out my book and see what they suggest for arthritis.     

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Cheers Jan
I have been using cumin for a while as a natural remedy and that seems to have helped. Because of other factors I also had to takes standard meds Further down the track I might look more into Doterra. I was walking with a walking stick and in a big amount of pain all over my body but now I don’t need the walking stick and am not in pain. Thank you for taking the time to offer up your advice. Not sure how much of my guitar fingers dexterity I can get back but I'm slowly working away at it. I sometimes play my friends slide guitar it is a lot of fun.