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Found  this  on you  tube   Its  meant  for  non musicians  but  I  thought  it  might  be  fun  to  do and  point  the  way  to  improve   my  self .

Now   be  honest  when you  take the  test     I  scored  13 out  of  15   which  surprised  me  as  I expected  to  be  much  worse
Give  it  a  shot   and  dont  be  shy .

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Good one Grah I did the test with my headphones on which I think helped.  I got 13 out of 15. the two I got wrong were questions 1 and 15. I was expecting to do much worse as I don't have what is known as perfect pitch. That was a good bit of fun. I think I might have fluked a couple.     

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It  was  13 and  15  for  me  Peatle ,LoL.
Lets  see  whos  next  .?     

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Grah. Snap!! I got 13 and 15 wrong too. Being partially deaf through years of shooting as a youngster, I was pleased to get such a good result.

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I got mixed up with the first minor chord and melody. It sounded major to me...     

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the only one in this forum that has no ability at all scored 15 for 15 ! 
I also wear hearing aids

I would trade my score for a 10% gift of the talent
of the people on chordie.

All of you are the bomb, I can't even come close to what you do.
Pretty cool though Peatle

That was fun !


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I guess it wont surprise anyone that i scored 9/15     

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I got 14 out of 15.    I could kick myself because the one I got wrong, I changed my mind at the last minute and got it wrong lol big_smile     

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surprised myself got all 15 right     

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