Topic: The best guitar storage?

Ok there's several ways to store a guitar....What's the best? I have a couple hanging on interior walls, a few in cases, and some on stands. Which is best for the guitar? When storing in a case is it best to lay it flat, on it's side, or standing up?  Do the same rules apply to both acoustic and electric. I ask this because of the weight diffrences and the strain put on the neck from hanging...If your not going to play it for a while is tunnig down a step to release a little tension a good idea? I'm considering bulding a 8ft x 8ft display case. Divided up into 8 seperate sections with individual framed glass doors. I was considering hanging the guitars in order to decrease the depth of the case. Do you think this would be fine for the guitars. Some are fairly valuable and I would hate to cause any damage! Thanks! Peace!

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Re: The best guitar storage?

Good question. I've got a Telecaster and a Strat that both hang on the wall...both get daily use but the telecaster has about 20 years of hanging with no ill affects...the strat I've had for about 10 years. Also have a Regal Resonator Acoustic guitar that hangs with no problems. I have several others that store in cases placed on edge...I haven't had any problems with any of them... I have not detuned any of them except when traveling by air.

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