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Verse 1
        G                  D
I’m holding my head higher
C          Em
Than I’ve held it before
G              D
I’m looking for independence
C            Em
A journey I’m on my own for
G            D
There can’t be another day
C        Em
I have to be looked after
G            D       
I have to be alone
Em        C        C
For this endless chapter

Chorus 1
Em            C
I’m on the road to independence
Em                    G
It’s not working out for me
Cos’ everytime I see his eyes
C            Em
I know he should be with me
Em                 G
Maybe then I’d understand
D        C           Em
Independence isn’t the key

Verse 2
So here I am again
Acting like a school girl
Looking into his eyes
I choke back on giggles

I wonder once again
What it feels to be in his arms
I start to remember
When I just fall into them

D                              C        Em
Independence isn’t right for me
D            C        Em
Independent isn’t really what I wanna be
D              C        Em
Independence is supposed to be fun
C        G
But it isn’t, and I’m sick of it
Em                      D  D7   D
I wanna be with you…

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
I was on the road to independence
It didn’t work out for me
Cos’ I would rather be with you
Then on my own with nothing to do
And now I understand
Independence isn’t right
When around family and friends

By Rhiannon Gilson

Follow your heart
It usually makes the right decisions <3

Re: Independence

Good gracious, Rhiannon!  Such a complex state of affairs . . . I'm glad that I am a shallow individual and largely untroubles by such conflicted emotions.  There is no guy worth so much complicated trauma.

Sometimes I'm tired.  Sometimes I'm hungry.  Sometimes I am both tired and hungry - and that is about as complicated as my emotions ever get . . . maybe that's because I am a male?

Very nice song - would love to hear a recording of it on Friends of Chordie or somewhere.

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Re: Independence

great song riannon. i applogize on behalf of the male race. this guy you wrote this about has got to be a fool. keep your head high because not all of us are bad

Everything is bad including me
But being bad is good policy
Reverend Horton Heat

Re: Independence

Hi Rhiannon,

Great and thought provoking song from you and as James said a recording would be great.

As a 'nearly' relative I will come and sort this guy out if he does not treat you right.


"Do, or do not; there is no try"

Re: Independence

hi rhiannon i hope your life gets on the road you want to go but theres all the time in the world so stay cool...

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

Re: Independence

Hi  Rhiannon
Nice song. I guess it's from the heart.
Sometimes you don't know what you have got till you try to live without it.



Re: Independence

awesome Rhiannon, haven't heard anything new from you in a while, and this song is so good.

stay cool and keep writing

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Re: Independence

Hi Rhiannon,

I love "DOGS" But i dont lie down and sleep with them! This person {If Real}
will think more of you if you are an independent person.
Good piece from the heart. Dont put your young life on hold for  anyone..

Old Doll.

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Re: Independence

oh thank you all so much! im glad that you liked it!!
This boy i talk about has hurt me so much that i thought i wouldnt need anyone to help me! thanks rhiannon

Follow your heart
It usually makes the right decisions <3